Oil field
Hydraulic Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Electric Hydraulic Power Units, Air Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Torque Wrench Power Units, Pullers, Bearing Separators, Spreaders, Nut Splitters, Cutters, Maintenance & Repair Kits, Presses, Jacks, Air Bags and System Accessories.
High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses, Couplings, Adaptors, Nipples, Seals, Porting Blocks, Pressure Gauges, (700 Bar to 4000 Bar pressure)
Weiler Corporation - USA
Pipe line Buffing wheel, wheel wire brush twisted & crimped, cup wire bush twisted & crimped.
TOYO - Japan
Electrical chain hoist, Manual chain block, Lever hoist, Wire rope puller, plate lifting clamp, pipe lifting clamp. Push trolley Gear trolley.
Nylon sling, Round sling, Safety hardens, safety belt, cargo lashing, wire rope sling, chain sling, D shackle, Bow shackle, Wire rope clip,Turn buckles.
ST&H Corporation - Korea, Flanges, Fittings, Valves
Stainless steel Flanges, Carbon Steel Flanges, Elbows, TEES, Reducers
PSI (Pipeline Seal and Insulators)
Modular Seals, Compakt Seals, Anti-Corrosion Tapes, Corrosion Protection Compound system, Steel Roller Rings and Steel Insulators, PSI Steel Pipe Support, Casing End Seals, Pipe supports, Pipe end Protection Caps, Accessories and KB Epoxy Resin, Seals and Wall Sleeves with Fixed / Loose Flange, Sealing Plugs, Wallcollars, Labyrinath, Sealing Rings for wall penetration, Integra SS Pipe Wall Penetration, Wall Sleeves-(Fibre Cement, PVC, Steel), Rubber / Steel Flange Gasket, Flange Isolation Accessories etc..
Total Solution for Scaffolding, Steel Scaffolding and Form Work System, R-Lock System, Face Balancing, R-Lock Intermediate Transoms, R-Lock Bridging Horizontals, Cantilever Frames, Deck Beams, Scaffolding clamps, scaffolding ladders, scaffolding wheels, Tie rode wing nut & plate washer ect. From India
Stainless -steel sheet 0.5mm to 25-mm thick, Stainless -steel round bar, Stainless-steel flat bras -steel angles, St-steel pipe & tubing etc. 304 & 316 grade.
Carbon Steel
Reinforcing Bars & Rebar, Rebar in Coil, Wire Rod, Nails, Binding wire, MS sheet, Plats, Equal Angles, Flat Bars, Pipes, Industrial water supply pipes, Chequered Plate and CR coil and Sheets, HR coil and sheets.
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