Liftings and Safety Items - TOYO Japan


Lifting Items

Nylon Sling, Round sling, chain sling, wire rope slings, D shackle, bow shackle, wire rope clip, turn buckles, cargo lashing belts, electric chain hoist, manual chain hoist, wire rope puller, plate lifting clamp, pipe lifting clamp, push trolley, gear trolley and more.

Safety Items

Leather hand gloves, Argon tip gloves, Welding Glove, Welding Aprons, Welding Leg Guards, Hand sleeves, safety shoes, safety goggles, face shield, ear plugs, earmuff, helmets, coveralls, reflective jackets, caution tapes, disposable coveralls, baton light, safety bollards, revolving lamps, emergencyeye wash stations, solar arrows, PVC traffic cones and more